In 2009 I gave a presentation entitled ‘Human 0-Days’ in which I made two very clear points:

  1. The inherent selfishness of humans is perhaps their most gaping, easily exploitable vulnerability.
  2. An organisations weakest point will always be it’s employees, due to the above.
To illustrate these two points I performed a demonstration of how a rogue wireless access point could be used to both extract confidential information from associated clients and infect them with malware. Whilst the latter task has remained consistently effective over the past few years, the widespread use of SSL/TLS and HTTP Strict Transport Security has made intercepting readable and usable information somewhat more difficult – at least until now…

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good things in small packages

I’ve always had a fascination, almost an obsession, with highly functional, compact gadgets. When netbooks were all the rage I had several, all of my laptops (and now ultrabooks) have been 12-13″… and I can assure you I was foaming at the mouth when the WiFi Pineapple was released.

Recently, faced with a few days off of work as well as a long weekend with no plans made to fill it, I wanted something new to play with. For a while I had been keeping an eye on what people were doing with miniature routers, for example the MiniPwner – so this seemed like a fitting project, especially given my local PC store happened to stock the TP-Link TL-MR3020.
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