when FDE becomes your enemy

After a few months of hacking about in it, this morning I encountered a rather fatal issue with one of my Linux Mint installs which utilises both full disk and home folder encryption. Usually this wouldn’t bother me so much as a fresh install is always nice (particularly since Linux Mint 17.1 is now out), but last night I made some changes to a script and hadn’t yet committed them to my BitBucket repo…

Here’s how I recovered the file.
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good things in small packages

I’ve always had a fascination, almost an obsession, with highly functional, compact gadgets. When netbooks were all the rage I had several, all of my laptops (and now ultrabooks) have been 12-13″… and I can assure you I was foaming at the mouth when the WiFi Pineapple was released.

Recently, faced with a few days off of work as well as a long weekend with no plans made to fill it, I wanted something new to play with. For a while I had been keeping an eye on what people were doing with miniature routers, for example the MiniPwner – so this seemed like a fitting project, especially given my local PC store happened to stock the TP-Link TL-MR3020.
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