This morning when searching for a module in Metasploit I received the dreaded error:

Database not connected or cache not built, using slow search

Surprisingly, there was very little information on forums or other blogs regarding this in the context of Kali 2.0 – so I’ll document my fix here.

Further to the above error, entering the command ‘db_status‘ returns:

postgresql selected, no connection

The solution: to create a new database and connect metasploit to it. But first, the postgresql service must be started and set to auto-start:

service postgresql start
update-rc.d postgresql enable

The database can then be created:

su postgres
createuser msf_user –P
(enter password)

createdb –owner=msf_user msf_database

… and Metasploit configured to point to the newly created database:


db_connect msf_user:@

This will automatically initiate a rebuild of the module cache (the equivalent of running update_db_cache).

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